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  • The two different models pPay offers to businesses are:

    1. Solution Model: Targeted for larger businesses with a need for customisation and their own hosting of the system and
    2. Service Managed Solution Model: For small to medium sized businesses that wish to purchase pPay as a service, to help in their day to day business activities.

    Solution Model

    pPay is a secure, reliable and efficient platform solution that enables merchants to host their own prepayment system. This hosted solution will enable merchants to handle their prepayments, both macro and micro payments at real time. Using our existing payment gateway, it is guaranteed to be secure, safe and efficient. pPay help increase business opportunities for merchants, they can set up their own membership program, point reward programs and other marketing and promotion campaign to increase brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention. The built-in administration system and comprehensive reporting system would also help them manage prepayments more effectively and efficiently.

    Customization can be done to suit merchant's needs such as to suit specific industry or provide additional functionalities. This solution model is targeted at larger businesses, with the need for customisation and the running and maintenance of the entire system.

    pPay when adopted in online game websites can provide an easy and fast payment option for game players. It makes the collection of gaming credits much more controllable and recordable.

    Solution Managed Service Model

    pPay is your service provider to simple, secure and managed prepaid payment solutions. By implementing pPay, your business can accept online prepayments, both macro and micro payments from customers at real-time. Using our existing payment gateway, it is guaranteed to be secured, safe and efficient. pPay can also be set up to provide membership program, point reward programs and other marketing and promotions to enhance brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention, and to achieve the ultimate goal of every business, that is increase sale revenue.

    The Solution Managed Service Model is targeted for small to medium sized businesses to eliminate their need to setup and maintain costly and unnecessary information technology infrastructure to support the prepayment system.

    Advantages of Using pPay

    • More control over the entire system
    • Customization of solution to suit different merchant's needs
    • Enhanced business and competitive edge with latest payment processing features and benefits for merchants
    • Ease of configuration and merchant migration: plug-and-play, without need for programming and client installation
    • High ROI with comprehensive prepayment processing capabilities
    • Reduced operational costs with comprehensive and efficient integrated merchant administration and management tools
    • Reduced maintenance and ownership costs with open standard system architecture
    • High availability with robust design architecture and fault tolerance
    • High scalability to support processing growth
    • High interoperability that works with wide range of front-ends and open message standards
    • Quality professional support, customization and integration services

    Value Added Services by pPay

    • Customized Physical Card design
    • Customized Virtual Card design
    • Customization to suite different industry